Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission Te Komihana Rūwhenua o Waitaha Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission – Te Komihana Rūwhenua o Waitaha

Those who lost relatives and friends in the 22 February earthquake can be assured that there will be a very thorough inquiry into the failure of buildings that resulted in loss of life.
Chair, Justice Mark Cooper

2012-06-26 CTV Building hearing transcript

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Transcript of the CTV Building hearing held on 26 June 2012


  • Stephen Mills, QC, Counsel Assisting the Commission
  • Marcus Elliott, Counsel Assisting the Commission
  • Mark Zarifeh, Counsel Assisting the Commission
  • Margaret Jane Aydon, Building Occupant (Level 4)
  • Maryanne Jackson (read only statement), Building Occupant (Levels 1-2)
  • Tom Hawker, Collapse Eyewitness (Levels 1-2)
  • Penelope Spencer, Collapse Eyewitness (Levels 1-2, south)
  • Michael Williams, Collapse Eyewitness (south)
  • Stephen Grenfell, Collapse Eyewitness (south)
  • Euan Gutteridge, Collapse Eyewitness (south-east)
  • Steve Gill, Collapse Eyewitness (west)
  • Leonard Fortune, Collapse Eyewitness (west and western wall)
  • Bruce Campbell, Collapse Eyewitness (western wall)
  • Arthur Tyndall, Collapse Eyewitness (western wall)
  • Alan Edge, Collapse Eyewitness
  • David Bainbridge (read only statement), Damage Post-September Eyewitness (level 4)
  • Peter Brown, Damage Post-September Eyewitness (levels 1-2)

  • Referred to in the Closing Submissions by Counsel for Alan Reay Consultants Limited and Dr Reay on 6 September 2012

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