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Those who lost relatives and friends in the 22 February earthquake can be assured that there will be a very thorough inquiry into the failure of buildings that resulted in loss of life.
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Media Release

11 July 2012

Quakes Royal Commission Releases Roles and Responsibilities Discussion Paper

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission today released a discussion paper seeking further information and comment about roles and responsibilities in New Zealand’s building controls and regulatory system.

The roles and responsibilities discussion paper presents key issues central and local government and the building and construction industry face when developing and enforcing legal and best practice requirements for buildings in earthquake events.

The Commission is planning to hold a hearing about roles and responsibilities in the weeks of 3 and 10 September 2012. The purpose of the paper is to refine the problems, the options to address those problems, and the main areas of common view or debate in order to help the hearing be as focused and effective as possible.

The Commission's Executive Director Justine Gilliland said the paper looks at systemic issues that have appeared to date in the course of the Inquiry, and asks for further information and views on these. 

“We are examining whether the current regulatory framework is materially problematic in any area,” said Ms Gilliland.

 “Key matters for consideration include any gaps or weaknesses within the current building regulatory framework in relation to the performance of buildings in an earthquake since the 2009 Building Act review by the (former) Department of Building and Housing.” 

The Commission is also considering gaps in capability and ways of bridging the gaps, areas where information or communication is lacking across the sector, who would benefit from the gaps being filled, and who should undertake and/or fund this work.

The discussion paper is available in the Commission’s website document library. Submissions close on 13 August 2012.


Media Contact 

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Senior Communications Advisor, Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission
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